Free Photoshop Action to Prepare iPhone Templates

August 27, 2011


If you are new into designing iPhone UI, then you probably use photoshop to create your graphics. Now, there are concerns all over the iPhone UI design community whether to make the graphics  in their respective ppi’s or in 72 ppi and if you should start with iPhone 3 or 4 resolution.

I have designed couple of iPhone apps and I have found out that its really just a matter of preference and also its up to you if your workflow would be making the graphics in iPhone 3 then upsizing or making the retina graphics then downsizing (as long as most of your graphics are shape layers and allow layer styles to be scaled there is not much problem).

So for my first freebie, I have prepared photoshop actions to create your first iPhone template, it includes guides for the status bar,navigation bar and tab bar.

And also since different persons have different preferences the actions contains 4 templates and you can run the one you like or prefer.


The action contains template for:

  •  320 x 480   72 ppi
  • 640 x 960  72 ppi
  • 320 x 480  163 ppi
  • 640 x960 326 ppi
To run the action in photoshop just go to > Window >actions  then on the actions window on the top right button choose Load Actions find the action file you’ve download and select it.
Now you just have to choose the template you like and press play on the actions windows.
I have made iPhone apps on all possible ppi and size but now I prefer the 320 x 480 in 72 ppi.Well that’s just me.
Well whats yours?
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